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2.1- Fresh Starts

A few months after Belle’s “incident”, and things were almost back to normal in the Hartwell household. Belle had really buckled down and was now a straight A student. She’d soon realised Lola and Ursula weren’t the best influence on her, and had stopped hanging out with them.

Holly was impressed with Belle’s change of attitude. She’d already decided that Belle should be heir, but had reconsidered when Belle got in trouble with the police. However, seeing Belle buckle down let Holly know she’d made the right decision.

Holly sat Belle and Logan down at the kitchen table one evening, ready to tell them what was happening.

“Well kids, as you know, I’m getting older. I came to Bridgeport with barely anything, and I’ve managed to build a career, a family and a home. When I’m gone, I’m going to need someone to look after all this.” Holly smiled around at her children. “I’ve known who would be my heir for a while, and I’m ready to hand it over. I love you both very dearly, but Belle- I’d like you to take over the legacy, as of your 18th birthday.”

Belle was over the moon. She’d wanted the legacy since she was young, but had always assumed it would go to Logan.

Logan was equally as happy. He would’ve loved to be the heir, but he knew his sister would do a good job too.

Since being given the legacy, Belle really knuckled down. After her run-in with the police, Belle had been toying with the idea of becoming a police officer. When her mother made her the heir, she decided she would work extra hard at her grades and her fitness.

A few weeks later, and it was time for Logan’s 18th birthday. Belle was determined she would organised his party. So, after school one day, when her mum and brother were at work, Belle ran to the grocery store and picked up a cake, some balloons and some food. She set about barbecuing the sausages while waiting for people to arrive.

When Logan arrived home, he was over the moon. All his friends were gathered round a cake, waiting for him to finally become an adult.

Although Logan was 18 now, he couldn’t wait to see what his friends had bought him. He ran upstairs immediately and changed into the Ralph Lauren jumper his sister had given him.

The rest of the party went by in a blur for Logan. The next day he was up bright and early on his computer. Although most 18 year olds saw the next few years as an excuse to relax and party, Logan was determined to begin his career. He’d already decided journalism was the way forward for him.

Logan sent writing samples to various local newspapers, looking for an internship. The boss at Bridgeport Daily, Johanna King, replied within an hour. She was impressed with Logan’s writing, but there were not intern spots open. Instead, she offered him the job as Paper Boy, with the promise of steady promotion. Logan snapped the work up.

In the meantime, Belle had been taking the responsibility of heir very seriously. She’d been researching building design companies in the local area, and finally contacted one about building her dream house.

At first, Belle spoke to Logan, asking if he thought it was a good idea.

“Logan, I’ve been thinking… Mum never really liked this place, it’s got a lot of bad memories for her- for us. Maybe we should move? But like, build the house from scratch? I’ve been researching it and we have the money. I’m just not sure if I should say something to mum?”

“That sounds like a great idea Belle. I think we all need to get away from here.” Logan muttered, remembering the last time he saw his father.

So, later that day when they were watching TV, Belle spoke up.

“Mum, can I show you something on the computer?”

“Of course, Belle.”

Belle led her mother to the PC and loaded up her plans for their (hopefully) future house and explained them to her.

Holly loved them, and was so proud of Belle for organising it all alone.

“That looks great honey. I’ll give you the money, you can sort it all!”

So, Holly set about organising and overseeing the building work. Work began quickly and promised to be done within the year.

In the meantime, Holly was due to celebrate her 18th birthday and become a young adult. She didn’t have a party, choosing to keep it low key.

Ten months later and the new house was finished. The family was thrilled with the results.

After settling down, Belle began to get back into her workouts.

It was when she was out on her daily jog that Belle ran past City Hall. The little poster caught her eye immediately. “Bridgeport Police Academy now recruiting!”

After letting out an excited squeal, Belle went and signed up immediately.

Belle wasn’t the only one focusing on her fitness. Holly had began swimming, and her new rooftop pool soon became her favourite feature of her new house.

Work quickly became Belle’s life. After working out for an hour, she’d play chess to keep her mind sharp.


In the meantime, things had been going well for Logan. He was steadily getting promoted and he’d begun dating Serephina Prattle, his best friend from his childhood. After four months together, Logan asked her to move in.

Although it was a little fast, Serephina and Logan had known each other for so long it felt right.

Belle was working hard at the Police Academy, so a few weekends later Logan decided to take his sister out for drinks.

The next morning, while nursing hangovers, there was a shock waiting in the Hartwell household.

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1.6 Partying, Partying, Yeah?

It wasn’t long before Belle’s 15th birthday. She aged up with no party, on the same day as her mum.

Holly was secretly relieved that Belle stopped looking quite so like her father. She thought her children were the most amazing people to ever have lived, and would do anything for them.

Despite living with two teenagers, Holly noticed how her bills were still cheaper than when she was with Apollo.

While Holly and Logan still worked hard, Belle wasn’t quite so concerned with grades. In primary school she’d been so concerned with keeping up her brother’s reputation. However, in high school, it was all about popularity for Belle.

Belle’s best friend was a girl called Lola Strummer. Holly and Logan didn’t liked her much, but they couldn’t choose Belle’s friends for her, so put up with Lola.

Lola and Belle would spend their time gossiping and messing around. If Belle ever tried to do her homework, Lola would ridicule her and make her do something else instead.

Whenever Logan got home though, Lola would be asked to leave and the siblings would do their homework together. Logan really wanted the best for his little sister, and he knew Belle would thank him later in life.

Behind closed doors, Belle and Logan actually got on really well. They rarely argued and looked after one another.

In the meantime, Holly had been thinking a lot about her children. She knew she was getting older, and she knew she’d made quite a lot of money in her time. Although she knew she could just split her money and leave half to each of her children, Holly wanted to start something- leave a legacy. She thought long and hard, before finally deciding who would be her heir.

 It seemed as though Lola was always coming home after school with Belle. They’d sit and watch TV while they talked about other kids from school.

It was as they were watching their favourite soap that Lola suggested it to Belle.

“Hey Belle, why don’t you come out this Friday? You never come out with us, you’re missing out.”

Belle thought it sounded like a good idea, but wasn’t sure her mum would think the same.

“I don’t know. I’ll have to talk to my mum…”

“Oh Belle, stop being such a baby! Just don’t tell her- keep it quiet!”

And that was that. Belle agreed to go with Lola that Friday, but couldn’t get rid of the nagging feeling in the back of her mind.

Belle had always had a bit of a thing for looking good and keeping fit, and it seemed like the perfect time to use the new workout bench she’d gotten for her birthday.

 Friday came by fast, and that evening Belle headed down to Smugglers Cove to meet her friends, Lola and Ursula.

Belle was surprised to see so many of her classmates at the beach, but it put her at ease. It didn’t take long for her to be at ease, the blaring music taking away her fear. She slipped into the music and began dancing with Ursula.

 Belle found herself dancing all night, and it was way after 12 by the time she drove home.

The next night, Belle found herself itching to go out again. So, after dinner, she rang Lola and Ursula again and arranged to meet at Smugglers Cove.

 This time, Lola suggested bringing alcohol. Belle hesitated, but decided to ignore the little nagging voice in the back of her mind once again, and grabbed a bottle as she left the house. Belle left her car at home this time, and began the 25 minute walk to Smugglers Cove.

The three girls drank and danced the night away.

By one o’clock, Belle could barely even stand up and decided to call it a night.

Belle was pretty surprised when none of her friends offered to walk back with her, and couldn’t silence the nagging voice as she began the trek home alone. Being drunk didn’t seem half as fun when she was on her own in the middle of the night.

Belle was very nearly home when she heard the sound of sirens. At first she wasn’t bothered, thinking something had happened downtown, but then she was engulfed in the blue and red lights.

 “Stop! Young lady! What are you doing out so late?” The policewoman gave Belle the once over. “Have you been drinking, miss?” Belle just stared wide eyed at the woman. “That’s it, get in the car. I’m taking you home.”

Belle did as she was told. She didn’t say a word the entire journey, other than her name and her address. As they drove towards her house, Belle cursed herself for being so stupid. Had it even been worth it for a few measly hours with her “friends”?

Holly was waiting out the front for Belle when she got back. The policewoman nodded silently to Belle as she got out and spoke to Holly, before letting Belle go.

Belle walked silently over to her mother.

“Belle Hartwell, what are you doing?! Lying to me, staying out ’til 1, partying! You’re too young, Belle! I thought I’d been through this all with your brother…”

 “I know mum, I’m so so sorry. It was stupid, I thought it would be fun. My friends asked me, and they said it would be okay. I’m sor-“

 Holly’s nose wrinkled as her daughter spoke.

“Belle… have you been drinking?!”

Belle nodded silently, unable to look her mother in the eye.

“That is IT, Belle! Get upstairs- NOW!”

 Belle did as she was told. She couldn’t believe she’d let her mum down so badly. It didn’t take Belle long to fall asleep, but she dreamed of being locked in a prison cell, her family’s dejected faces staring at her from the other side of the bars. It was horrid and Belle knew she could never end up that way.

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1.5- Growing Pains

The next day was hard for Holly. She had to sit and explain the previous night’s events to Logan.

 Holly tried her hardest to convince Logan that not having his dad around would be okay, but she was having a hard time convincing herself.

Holly still comforted Logan and promised to talk to him anytime about it.

 Although Logan loved his mum more than anything, he was struggling without his father’s support. Holly was overwhelmed, which left Logan looking after himself a lot of the time. It was a lot for an 11 year old boy to take on.

 Holly knew she’d not been spending as much time with Logan as she should have been. Bringing up Belle alone was time consuming, but Holly was so proud of her little boy.

 Logan adored his baby sister too. He’d spend his free time when he wasn’t doing homework or writing playing peek-a-boo with her.

 Both Holly and Logan were relieved when Belle’s fifth birthday rolled around. Holly chose to celebrate it just the three of them, as she didn’t want to attract the attention of Apollo.

Belle aged up into a child, looking more like her father than ever.

 Logan loved having another kid around the house to play with. They loved to play video games together.

 Belle tried to follow her brother’s example and worked hard on her homework, but it didn’t come as easily to her.

 It didn’t seem like long until it was Logan’s 15th birthday. He opted to age up silently.

Holly redecorated Logan’s room for his birthday, basically creating a little study for him. He loved his new computer especially, and was on it immediately looking for a job. It wasn’t that his mum wasn’t bringing in good money, Logan just couldn’t wait to start work.

It didn’t take him long to find a job either, as a receptionist at the day spa.

 On top of work and babysitting his little sister after school, Logan had to keep on top of his homework, which left him little time for friends.

 Still, he tried, and had made two best friends- Serephina Prattle and Einstein Kirkpatrick.

While Holly was at Wogan Hemlock’s Oscar party, Logan invited his two friends over. While Belle was quite happy playing in her room, Logan decided to make up some drinks from the bar they had in the dining room.

The three of them laughed and drank, feeling quite merry by the end of the night.

Although it soon became apparent some people couldn’t handle their drink…

As Holly came home, she was none too happy to see the alcohol and Logan’s friends. It didn’t take long for Serephina and Einstein to run away, leaving Logan to face his angry mother.

“Logan! This so isn’t like you! What about your little sister? You shouldn’t be getting drunk while you’re looking after her! What if there had been an emergency?! I thought I could trust you to be responsible, Logan.”

Logan suddenly realised how foolish he’d been. He’d not even thought of Belle, asleep upstairs.

“M-mum!” He stuttered. “I’m sorry, I wasn’t thinking. I just wanted to have a laugh with my friends. I didn’t mean to upset anyone.”

Holly sighed and sent Logan up to bed, promising to talk to him about it in the morning.

The morning rolled around, and Logan was dreading the conversation he was going to have with his mum.

However, he was pleasantly surprised. Holly apologised to him instead.

“Logan, I’m sorry. You’re way too young to have all this responsibility. I know you’ll argue that you’re 16 and it’s fine, but it’s not. Constantly looking after your sister while I go to parties- it’s not fair. I’m not going to go to any more. Not for a while, at least.”

Logan was grateful to hear his mum say that. Although he’d always thought he could handle looking after everything, last night had made him realise he still had a lot of growing up to do.

“Thanks mum, that means a lot to me.”

 After their chat, Holly felt reconnected with Logan. As she spent the afternoon playing with Belle and helping Logan with his homework, she realised how fast time was flying by…

Soon Holly would be getting older and her children would be having families of their own. The thought scared her, but she was also excited to see what would happen to her little family.

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1.4- Going, Going, Gone

Over the next few months, things seemed to be going well with Apollo and Holly. They began thinking about having another baby, and moved house to create room.

The house they moved to wasn’t really to Holly’s tastes, but Apollo had liked it, insisting it was “family-oriented”. Holly gave in and bought it, but had a feeling that Apollo’s insistance was more to do with their new neighbours than anything else.

 Holly and Apollo’s relationship was at an all time high since they moved, but Apollo was still seeing Katelyn. Holly still had to go out to studio parties, leaving space for Apollo to invite Katelyn over.

As they relaxed in the hot tub, with Logan tucked up in his crib, things began to get heated.

 Once the deed was done, they cuddled for a while before Katelyn said she had to go.

In the meantime, Holly had left the party early as she felt sick. When she arrived home to find the house empty, Holly headed out to the garden hoping she’d find Apollo there.

What she did find was a lot more than she’d bargained for…

Holly couldn’t believe her eyes. That was her husband, the man she’d been with for almost 6 years, lips locked with someone she’d considered a friend. Holly exploded on the spot.

“Apollo! What the hell is this?!”

 Apollo didn’t say a word, he just stood there in shocked silence.

Katelyn was just gathering her clothes when Holly turned to her.

“And you, Katelyn. My friend! I guess I was wrong, you’re nothing but a whore. With my husband. On my property! You’re so lucky my son’s upstairs, Katelyn.”

 With that, Katelyn left and Holly stormed upstairs to her baby boy. After checking on Logan, Holly cried herself to sleep, reliving the nights events over and over until she fell to sleep.

Apollo didn’t bother to check on Holly. He’d never seen her go off like that before. He decided it was wise to stay on the couch, instead.

The next morning when Holly came down, Apollo was already awake.

“Holly, can we at least talk?”

“Talk about what Apollo? Your infidelity? Or your inability to support me or your child? I’m game for either.”

“Holly, come on. Don’t do this.”

“Too late. I’ve already spoken to my lawyers. We’re getting a divorce, and I never want to see your face again.”

 Holly worked for the rest of the morning, packing Apollo’s things into boxes. She placed them all on the front lawn, and waited for Apollo to join her.

“Right, well, that’s every last thing you own. Three boxes- that’s impressive.”

“Blah, blah, blah. Shut up Holly, I’m tired of it. You’ll come running back to me, you know it.”

 Holly sneered at Apollo.

“Oh yeah? Well how about for now, you get the HELL OFF MY PROPERTY.”

 Apollo didn’t need to be asked again. He span on his heel and left, sharpish.

 Two months after the divorce, Holly and Logan were happier than ever, but Holly still felt something was wrong. Ever since she’d been sick at her last studio party, she’d been throwing up every day. At first, Holly assumed it was to do with Apollo, but it quickly became apparent she could be pregnant.

Holly decided a pregnancy test would be the best way forward, and headed to the supermarket.

 The test confirmed her fears. Although she was happy, Holly wasn’t sure if she should tell Apollo. She didn’t even know his new address.

Holly didn’t have much time to track him down either, what with looking after a toddler and preparing for a new born.

Holly went into labour at 4am.

 Holly opted for a home birth so she could avoid the paparazzi.

Belle Hartwell was born May 27th. She was darker than her brother, but had her fathers eyes and her mothers hair, much the same as Logan.

 A few months later, and it was time for Logan’s 5th birthday. Holly chose to throw a party, only inviting her closest friends.

 Holly was shocked when Apollo arrived.  She approached him, and civilly asked him to leave, but he flat out refused. Holly resigned and let him stay, not wanting a scene. She still kept an eye on him at all times, making sure he didn’t go upstairs. She didn’t want Apollo to discover Belle- at least not yet.

Holly was fuming, however, when Apollo began to take over the party.

 Holly bit her tongue and plastered a smile on her face as Logan blew out his candles, before kicking Apollo out once again.

 Logan grew up into an adorable young boy, deciding to let his hair grow out.

 Logan loved school as soon as he started. English was his best subject as he loved to write. He didn’t even mind doing homework.

But as happy as he was, Logan still couldn’t help but worry about his mum.

Logan hated seeing Holly suffer, so he decided the best way forward was to invite his dad over to talk to her.


Wondering what Logan was up to, Holly followed him out to the porch.

When she saw Apollo standing there, she was less than impressed.

“What are you doing here?!”

“You tell me Holly! Our son called me here, said he was worried about you, said you weren’t being yourself. He came to me, and I came over because it sounded as though you were neglecting your son…”

 Holly couldn’t stand it much longer.

“Your son AND daughter are both perfectly healthy and happy without you, Apollo. I think you should go.”

“Daughter? I have a daughter?!”

Apollo looked at Holly with disgust.

“Well I guess I want nothing to do with you, or your bratty little family. Never contact me again.”

“Don’t worry Apollo, I won’t!” Holly screamed. She couldn’t help herself, and lent forward. Before she knew what she was doing, Holly found herself repeatedly slapping Apollo.

 A flood of relief washed through Holly as she watched Apollo walk away from her and her family for the final time.

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1.3- Plus One

Holly and Apollo’s wedding didn’t take a lot of planning, and after a few months of being engaged, tied the knot on their balcony under the beautiful night sky.

It didn’t take them long to fall out of the honeymoon stage though. Their relationship was volatile to say the least. They could go from flirting to arguing within seconds. Holly always convinced herself it was the course of true love.

One night after a particularly bad argument, Holly rang up Tiara Angelista. “Tiara, I just can’t take much more. All he ever wants to do is argue!” Tiara was sympathetic, having just got out of a bad relationship herself. “You sound like you need a night out. Meet me at The Prosper Room?” Holly agreed and went to get ready.

Holly headed to the bar in her sexiest dress just to annoy Apollo, and although Tiara could only stay for a couple of drinks, Holly stayed much later.

When Holly got home that night, Apollo apologised, and things began to get better. A few months later, Holly discovered she was pregnant. She was over the moon and couldn’t wait to tell Apollo.

Apollo was overjoyed too, but Holly was very much aware that Apollo didn’t have a job. Considering things were going so well in their relationship, she chose not to bring it up. Instead, she swallowed her worries and smiled as Apollo played with her bump.

Holly continued working for as long as she could, but at six months left on maternity leave.

Her and Apollo decided to spend this time decorating their baby’s room. It wasn’t until it was finished that Holly could really relax and get excited. And boy was she excited…

Holly was also very focused on her fitness during the pregnancy. She knew she needed to keep up her figure in order to get back to acting after the birth.

 It didn’t feel like Holly had enough time before she went into labour.

Logan Hartwell was born on 5th October, after a relatively short 10-hour labour.

Having a baby also changed Holly. She stopped dying her hair red, and opted to dress slightly more “motherly”. Apollo however showed no plans of going back to his natural black hair colour.

Holly would really have loved to give Logan a brother or sister, but she had to choose between her career and a pregnancy. She decided to wait a couple of years…

…if her marriage could last that long.

Holly often found herself alone in the morning, as Apollo was reluctant to wake up and help with Logan.

Whereas Apollo found himself alone in the evenings, when Holly went out networking with big time producers.

Holly loved being a mum, and adored Logan. She was happy as a family of three, and although she did eventually want another baby, Holly wanted to focus on Logan.

It was a Friday, just as Holly was about to leave the studio for the weekend, when the president of the production company approached her. “Miss Hartwell? Could we talk?” Holly obviously agreed, and followed him to his office. He explained how several directors had written scripts specifically for Holly, and if she was interested, they’d “invest in her image”.

Holly was delighted. Rather than go out to celebrate though, she spend the weekend practicing lines for her new TV show.

Apollo, in the meantime, found himself looking after Logan a lot more. Logan was an extremely whiny child, which often left Apollo exasperated.

Deciding he needed to escape from the stress, Apollo rung up Katelyn Missoni. They arranged to meet up for a chat. Apollo headed to Bridgeport Acres, not even saying goodbye to his family.

As Katelyn left, they embraced. The hug lingered for a little too long, and Apollo didn’t want to let go.

Although Apollo knew it was wrong, he desperately wanted to see Katelyn again…

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1.2- Commitment

Since Holly and Apollo had gotten together, she found her social life winding down a little, so she was over the moon when she was invited to The Prosper Room. It wasn’t a regular bar, it had a guestlist, and you had to be at least a Z-List star to get on.


When Holly headed back home, Apollo came back with her. It had been like that for the last six months. He never really left her place. So, it was as they were getting ready to go to bed that Apollo asked.

“Um, Holly. You see how I spend like, six nights a week here? I was thinking it might be a good idea if I moved in?”

Holly agreed that it was a good idea, but suggested they look for a bigger place.

Over the next few weeks, Holly and Apollo were constantly flat-hunting, searching for the perfect place. Holly was beginning to get tired of spending all the time working and looking for a place, so when her phone rang, she was excited. She became even more excited when she saw it was Matthew Hamming, inviting her to his upcoming party. After jumping around a little, Holly agreed.

The day of the party soon rolled around, and Holly couldn’t wait. Although she couldn’t afford a new dress as they were saving up, she made do and hoped it would be okay.

When she arrived, Matthew greeted her with enthusiasm, but they didn’t chat for long as he had other guests to attend to.

As Holly stood there and looked around the mansion, she suddenly felt very small and out of place. She was just about to leave when another party goer approached her.

“Hello, are you Holly Hartwell?” The girl asked. Holly nodded, confused as the girl pulled out her phone. “Um, could I get a photo?” She asked. Holly grinned and posed happily for the fan.

The girl was Stella Striker, and Holly stayed and chatted with her until the end of the party.

A few months later, Holly and Apollo had finally moved into the perfect place. It was a penthouse apartment, in the richer district of town. The view of the rest of the city was immense.

A few months later, and life was going well for Holly. She was steadily getting promoted and her cash flow was good. Apollo however, showed no plans to get a job. In fact, he showed no plans to do anything at all. Holly had no idea what Apollo did during the day when she was gone, and she took to making him food in the mornings, just to make sure he ate.

Holly continued to convince herself it was love, though.

One day, Holly arrived home to see Apollo waiting for her.

“Holly, go and get changed into something nice. We’re going out.”

Holly did as she was told and followed Apollo, excited. She soon realised they were going to the beach, and Holly became confused.

However, she’s not confused for long…

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